The history of electronic gadgets

September 12, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Gadgets

The history of gadgets goes almost as far back as the existence of humanity, when hominids began to make tools for making life easier. The humans always made gadgets and appliances with a particular practical purpose in mind. These gadgets were thought as novelties in the beginning because of the unfamiliarity with the gadget; people were unwilling to accept this new technology.

Although mechanical gadgets were being made since a long time, it was the advent of electricity which took the gadgets to another level as different uses for electricity were found. Initial examples of electronic gadgets were TV’s, radio and quartz watches. After that inventors went on to discover microprocessors which brought the days of programmable devices such as computers, MP3 players and now the iPhone. Other application gadgets such as Microsoft Office and iTunes are also available now. Some of these devices have become functional necessities of the modern society.

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