DIY Energy Efficiency Audit

June 03, 2015  //  Posted by: Nepral  //  Category: Energy

Best Step DIY Energy Efficiency AuditThere are many ways which can lead you up with audit of energy efficiency improvement but it will take more of your expenses. In accordance to my perception energy efficiency audit is considered to be the best option to calculate and know the efficiency level of the home. There are many types of efficiency improvement audit available but I know you might be thinking for the best and the easiest option of audit amongst all. A trained professional will come at your home with all his knowledge and will exercise his work of audit but in return will cost lots of money for the same and ultimately it will result in more of the cost factor.

But that is not only enough for you. Now you can also get the audit on your own by just following the steps which are needed to get for the energy efficient audit. But if you are looking for some quick and inexpensive type of energy efficiency audit on your won than you can follow the under said instructions for better knowledge of criteria which are going to be considered while the audit process.

DIY energy efficient audit

  • First thing which you can start with is to check the air leaks. Yes, you must see to it that all the air openings have been covered in a better manner so that the air does not travel into the home. Even the minute air ventilated or the cracks can lead you up with more of the cost factor of your energy consumption. Even by applying a single tape to the opening of the air will lesser down the changes of high energy consumption.
  • Secondly to check all the availability of lights in your home. Yes the lights the bulbs, are they going proper amount of light, are all the bulbs of CFLs or LEDs, which can help you to get less of the energy to be used in the home. Are the lights more dark or little light? Many things are taken into consideration at the time of performing the energy efficient audit.
  • You can take the help of the thermostat which has been installed in your home but still many matters are seen like the temperature of the thermostat is in proper digits. Like the thermostat must be on 68 to 70 temperatures. This will lead you to less of your energy consumption because the use of thermostat is to control or to save up on your electricity.
  • Water leaks are considered to be another important part at the time of regulating the energy efficiently audit in your home because if you find any of the water leaks in your home than it can create more of consumption of water wastage in your home and this will lesser down the possibility of less energy consumption in your home.
  • All the switches must be off if they are no longer in use and the numbers of plugs which ahs been installed in your home everything must be taken into consideration at the time conducting the energy efficient audit in your home.

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