Pros of using satellite broadband service

April 30, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Wireless Tech

satellite broadband serviceAmong the most important benefits of satellite broadband is that it is wireless and is present on a global scale. This broadband net connection is slower to the normal broadband but it downloads material faster by up to ten times. The broadband speed and access is present in the satellites line of sight.  This ensures broadband net on ships, and other vessels far off away from civilization. It also provides a durable net connection to on the go internet units that are needed for people on the move.

It is best to have satellite broadband for long road trips and cross country access. Many phone companies are also aware of the potential of satellite broadband and hence allow people to purchase such a service. Satellite broadband directly provides internet from the satellite to your internet device. This direct use of satellite is not very costly as and is similar to usage of satellite phones. It’s just the amount of data they carry is larger.

The only problem with satellite broadband is that it is dependent on weather.

An introduction on the NFC Technology

August 04, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Wireless Tech

NFC Technology, wirelessNFC is a technology that is wireless. You will be able to have a two way communication with devices that are placed nearby. The application of this device can be used for making payments of services and goods, sharing of information between the devices which are based on the technology of Radio Frequency Identification.

The service is very effective for both private and commercial use. You will be able to enjoy better security and usability with the help of the NFC service. The technology will work only through a distance that is short. The power that is consumed by NFC is much less than it is consumed by Bluetooth. It will also work when one of the two devices s off. It can be integrated in all kinds of devices. The technology of this service is very flexible. However, the service is yet to become popular in the mass market.

Advantages of Bluetooth mouse

March 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Wireless Tech

Bluetooth mouse, bluetoothAre you planning to purchase a Bluetooth mouse for your computer? Well, a Bluetooth mouse uses Bluetooth technology and uses gigahertz frequencies for operation and has wireless connection. Here are some of the advantages of Bluetooth mouse that you should know about. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth mouse is that it has no chords. It is totally wireless, and a Bluetooth adaptor which is inserted in the USB port of the computer allows the device and the computer to communicate. In fact, Bluetooth has a much better range of communication compared to ordinary wireless mouse.

Dependability is also one of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth mouse. A Bluetooth mouse is much more reliable because it uses frequencies that are not very crowded like the ones used by ordinary wireless devices. The Bluetooth mousse uses gigahertz frequencies and thereby provides very dependable connection. The Bluetooth mouse is extremely easy to set up and it transmits to your computer with comparatively lesser power.

Wireless mouse: work with ease

December 10, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Wireless Tech

A mouse is a tremendously popular tech gadget used for the computers. A computer without a mouse is like a human without a hand. Most of the mouse is directly linked to the desktop computers through a cord, working through the main power of the computers. A wireless mouse is an extremely flexible gadget which can give your desktop or Laptop a cordless link making it easier to access.

A Wireless mouse works through the radio frequencies giving you the stability, flexibility and reliability one wants to vouch for. The greatest advantage of a wireless mouse is that it redeems less power as it is battery driven. Moreover they are reasonably priced, weigh less and can be easily movable.

A wireless mouse is not just an easy replacement from the cumbersome wires. The technology they use is the Optical sensor one. This technology helps in accuracy and allows you to use the mouse on any kind of surface. Thereby, forget the days when you were bind to your computers.

Plantronics 320

September 13, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Gadgets, Wireless Tech

The Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth headset combines the latest V1.2 Bluetooth features to increase efficiency when in use. It is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and weighs just 17 grams.

Plantronics 320 can be easily worn throughout the day and has a perceptive one touch button to adjust volume, redial and end calls. It works within a radius of 10 meters from your mobile. It provides 10 hours of talk time and stays uncharged for 240 hrs on standby. The LED status indicator denotes missed calls and battery levels. It is compact and has bendable pivots to allow use on either ear. It works on the lithium battery technology and has an optional USB port and car charger.
Plantronics 320 keeps up with the traditional excellence in sound quality presented by Plantronics, who were incidentally the first to convey a message from the man on the moon.