Selecting best LAN connection

September 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Uncategorized

LAN connection, LANAre you planning for a LAN (Local Access Network) this time? Well, there are a plethora of companies providing for a LAN connection these days but you have to be smart while choosing a compatible internet network cable provider for you. Here are the tips.

First of all, you have to take a market survey on the different LAN network providers around. Visit their offices or at least contact them over the phone. You need to have a direct conversation with them to know about their offers and schemes. Compare and contrast the varied deals from the different LAN providers and settle with the most compatible one for you.

Besides, you have to check out on the company’s reputation as well. Look for the customer testimonials and review forums. Lastly, the best LAN provider should promise of a solid and prompt customer support in case of any LAN emergency.

Backing Up Data On A Laptop

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Data back up, data recoveryAt times of purchasing the laptop, every individual gets so engrossed and excited with the notifications and specifications with hardware and the software stuffs that we tend to overlook and quite at times ignore the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty assistance. So when we get that unwanted data loss and go for the recovery, we realize that actually data recovery was not the manufacturer’s responsibility and of course every bits and pieces of the data is not recoverable, so better to get some precautionary measure to get the data backed up in case there is a loss.

Some data are quite not required for daily application but they are priceless, then they can be externally stored in CD or DVD for future view. That would be the cheapest way. Internet bookmarks can be saved online thus restricting loss .External Hard Drive or a secondary drive in desktop can be an option too. Prepare a disk image of the hard drive in case it fails, that program restores everything.

The Battle Between Social Networking Sites: Facebook and Google+

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Social networking sites are widely spread over the Internet and have become an important part of the lives of most of the people around the globe. Not just the youngsters but their mom dad or even their grandparents have an account in the social networking websites. Facebook has been the craze among people from quite some time now, but Google+ is an opponent which it needs to watch out for. Google+ has introduced certain unique features which are attracting people towards it.

Facebook is facing a tough competition from Google+ but it is not easy for Google+ to take away all that Facebook has achieved over years. It may take years, but the progress seems good for Google+. Facebook on the other hand will not just sit there and watch its users migrate to Google+. Facebook is doing everything which is required to keep their users intact. This Battle will stay for long over the Web.

Ways to carry out file transfer between your computer & cell phone

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With technology taking a step forward every year, nowadays we have ways to carry out file transfer between our computer and cell phone. Cell phones can now be connected to the personal computer, laptops, etc. with the help of a USB cord (one like that of a printer) or via Bluetooth (for which your computer needs to have a Bluetooth software installed in it).

If you have a “PC Suite” CD Rom that comes with the handset, you have to install the software for enabling faster and compatible file transfer between your computer and cell phone. Otherwise, you can always select the “mass storage” mode from your cell phone, after connecting the device with an USB cord and then exchange files between the cell phone and the computer. This process of using the USB mass storage method is more like using a flash drive or better known as the pen drive. By simple copy-paste method you can transfer all sorts of media files, software, games etc. to your cell phone.

A review of the Canon FS 100 camcorder

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The cannon FS 100 is a very easy to handle camcorder which has all the basic features available. Even if you are a beginner, using this will be no trouble and its advanced features are quite a treat for everyone. If you are looking for some video recording on a professional level, then the Cannon FS 100 is a good choice. It has got an external microphone, both SD card and DV storage for the memory, etc.

You can arrange your videos in a play list fashion as you go on recording. That makes things a lot easier as all the clips are then arranged in a proper order. When it comes to image stabilizer and zooming facilities, this is the best.

The battery and backup is up to seven hours so once you fully charge it you can use it throughout the day. From file transfers to easy and quick recording, this camcorder has it all.