Advantages of using a prepaid phone card

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Prepaid phone cards have become very popular in today’s world, owing to the large magnitude of savings, in comparison with traditional telephone services that were prevalent till now. The main reason behind the lower prices is attributed to the fact that the associated prepaid card companies reach out to a higher volume of business and personal consumers, thus resulting in as much as 50 percent deterioration in calling bills.

Besides cheaper local call rates, prepaid phone cards are much more viable when you are making international calls. There has been a major boom in long distance communication after prepaid phone cards came into the limelight. One more advantage related to these calling cards is the fixed call rates. There is no abrupt change in the tariff plan, helping customers to control their budget and expenses. You also don’t have to deal with irritating detailed statements and bills at the end of each month. Holiday sales on prepaid phone cards can provide you with further savings.

Ways to purchase prepaid phone cards online

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Gone are the days when people preferred to talk on and then pay the bill at the end of the month. These days more and more people are flocking towards prepaid cards. The prepaid card has been kind of inspired by the pre-pay phone booths. How do these cards operate exactly? When you purchase a prepaid phone card what you actually purchase is a number of minutes in the form of a talk time. That means you first pay and then you talk.

The advantage of using this kind of a telephonic system is that these are quite reasonable and cheap. First of all you do not have to pay any kind of high hidden rental charges that are so typically associated with the postpaid system. Moreover you can also easily keep tabs over how much you are spending and how much you are saving. Now to add to your convenience you can actually get prepaid phone cards online. You need to first decide which company you want to buy the connection from. Each company would have a form to be filled out in their website and bingo you have your prepaid minutes!

Advantages of using phone cards

October 30, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Phone Cards

Phone cards are gradually increasing in popularity these days. Instead of using the traditional post paid billing system, more and more people are switching to the prepaid phone card system. In case you have no idea of what we are talking about, let us refresh what this exactly is. Remember the pay phone in the corner of the street? You must be acquainted on how to use a debit card. Well the phone card is a cross between the pay phone and the debit card. How does it actually work?  You pay a certain amount of money in advance and buy talktime. You can then talk as much as you want until your talktime gets over. After that you can again buy talktime to continue with your service.

There is a big advantage with phone cards. The most important being that when you use this card you can be sure of exactly what you are spending and what you are not. In fact this system of phone cards actually saves a lot of money as the rental that you are required to pay is also way lower. Moreover you do not have to face the hassle of queues and bill payments.

Net 10 Phone

September 13, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Cell Phones, Phone Cards

Net 10 offers a range of high quality handsets with their prepaid phone plans at an affordable price minus the hassle of contracts.

As per their name Net 10, offers talk time at 10 cents per minute and message a mere 5 cents per message nationwide. After choosing a handset and one of their plans, Net 10 efficiently informs you how much you have spent per call right on the screen. It also carries minutes left over from one month onto the next so you use every single minute you have paid for. Net 10 is cheaper than other mobile phone service providers in the country.

They offer handsets from Samsung, Motorola, LG and Kyocera along with accessories that are optional. Adding or buying air time, transferring numbers, connecting long distance, fixing long or short term plans are some of the key features provided by Net 10.

Find the PUK code for a SIM

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Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) is used to unlock the barred phone. If you set a PIN password for your phone and enter it incorrectly thrice or more your phone gets locked and you need the PUK code to reopen it. There are 3 ways of finding the PUK and unlock your handset:

1. Look for the PUK in the SIM card wallet as many providers give you the PUK code when you buy a phone. Otherwise the code is sent through post.

2. Call up the customer service of the network provider. This will confirm the fact that you are an account holder and they will give you the PUK code.

3. Go to the website of the network provider. Some networks allow you to access the PUK code online. However some networks such as AT&T will ask customers to log in to their online account for getting the code.

Registering for a Pay as you go SIM

September 10, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Phone Cards

The “Pay AS You Go” is the normal name for prepaid service of cell phones. When the users buy on internet or at a retail store, they get a “SIM” card. This is a chip which connects cell phone to the service provider’s network. These cards can be activated in store or online. A procedure is adapted for this purpose by many prepaid cell phone service providers. You can search the internet for service providers for activation of your prepaid SIM card. Here is the activation procedure for Pay As You Go with one of the service providers “AT&T”:

1. Go to the AT&T website for phone activation. Click on “Pay As You Go” and then “Next”.

2. Here enter SIM card number which appears on the card that you got with the phone. Now click “Next”. Enter all personal information of the cell phone user. Select one username and password and click on “Activate”.