Have Issues With Road Direction, Use A GPS Enabled Cell Phone

January 29, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

It is a well-accepted fact that we all are not so well equipped with road direction. So there is no need for you to worry if you are someone who tends to get his road directions mixed up, we suggest you an option, go for cell phones with a GPS enabled service. These phones are making it huge in the markets and it won’t cost you anything more, a cell phone is a must today, so while purchasing the phone make sure it has this facility.

GPS stands for global positioning system; software that helps you with road directions. This service points out the location of your being, may be you have a business somewhere, and can’t track down the location, in such cases your cell phone will do the needful for you thus giving you the right directions and helping you to reach your destination. Isn’t this after all worth a buy?

GPS devices: now you can never be lost

December 18, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

GPS also known as Global Positioning System is a satellite made navigation system that has the ability to send signals to GPS receivers in earth. It can determine its position on the earth via various signals it receives from other different satellites at one time.

They usually have a built in maps which gives the user an advantage of knowing his location all the time. So if you are lost in a new city or confused with the road the GPS device helps you navigate your location. The best part about GPS is that it is global and that it can receive signals from any part of the earth be it a remote area too. They are highly beneficial in an emergency situation too. It sends distress signals too thereby helping the person who needs help.

Another major benefit is that GPS can track movements of people or any object. For example an emergency situation likes an oil spill where it can track the movement of the oil. It tracks how fast an object is moving and the distance it has covered. It also makes weather forecasts.

Benefits of having GPS service

November 03, 2010  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

GPS, also known as the Global Positioning system is an interface which can be installed in your mobile phone, car or any other thing which moves and has a connection with the satellite. So, basically as the name suggests, it is a platform which will detect your position on the planet.

The GPS device installed in your mobile phone will be connected to its mother satellite from which it can trace your position. The software which makes use of GPS can detect your position as well as tell you routes to your destination.

For instance, if you are going to a new place for work, you will not know the routes of the new places and at the same time, you will not know anyone at that new place. So, having GPS installed in your phone is a life saver in that situation. Also, a GPS in your car will help you to get out of following wrong routes while travelling.

Unlocking the screen on Garmin Nuvi 880 GPS

September 10, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

This GPS device Garmin Nuvi 880 lets user navigate to the desired destination. Or it plans a route with necessary stops on the way. An important feature on any GPS units is the capability to unlock the screen. Even when it is locked the device continues to navigate. However the screen touch controls get disabled when the screen is locked. This prevents accidental triggering of controls and any change in the present route navigation. Here is how to unlock the screen:

1. Switch the power ON in the GPS. Get the power switch into center default position. When locked, the power switch slides from right to left.

2. Find some indication on the screen that the screen is unlocked now or touch some command on screen to ensure that screen is unlocked.

3. The power switch can be moved all the way to right for relocking the screen.

How to display POI on a new Nuvi

April 18, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

The Nuvi is one of the cheapest and most efficient GPS gadgets available in market. For experiencing the full Nuvi power, you need to learn to download and display POI (Points of Interest). Here is how:

1. Download the POI Loader software from the Garmin site. Click POI Sources on right and download the customized POI. Plug the Nuvi in your pc and open POI Loader. Enter PIN and choose the device (“Garmin”) from the dropdown. Select “Install new custom POI’s” radio button.

2. Now Start -> My Computer -> Garmin folder -> click the folder POI. Unzip this folder that is downloaded previously and copy its files directly in the POI folder. Now go back to the POI Loader, choose the POI folder on the gadget and click “Next”.

3. Unplug your Nuvi. In order to view the POI’s, touch “Where To””Custom POI’s” and “My Locations”.

Updating TomTom 6 using Newest Maps

February 17, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

TomTom has been a help for people in finding places they wish to go to. It provides access to lot of maps but they need to be updated regularly. Here is how to:

1. Go to TomTom update site -> click “Buy a Single Map”. Choose the TomTom model -> OK for downloading the map.

2. Connect the TomTom to your pc using the USB cables. Access the TomTom Home software on the computer. It opens automatically on plugging in your TomTom. If it doesn’t, use My Computer folder to open it while TomTom is connected.

3. Follow instructions during auto updation -> click OK. When new maps are downloaded, click “Add Maps” on the program to download the maps you bought.

4. Ensure that the latest version of the maps is installed. Touch the satellite bars on TomTom screen for accessing the map file. The last number on the file needs to be greater than the previous.