Tips To Buy a Used Smartphone With Out Getting Screwed

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Tips of Buying a used smartphone

Think before Buying a used smartphone

Buying a used smartphone can save you lots of money. Thus if you want to buy a smartphone having all the facilities but you cannot afford to buy a new one then buying a used smartphone is a great deal for you. But buying a used smartphone involves some of the risk. Just imagine you bought a used smartphone and within a week your phone starts getting hang badly or lets it does not have a good battery and you have to charge it every 2 hours. How irritating this situation can be for you. Thus there involves lots of risks in buying a used smartphone but yet it is not bad option. You need to be alert while buying a used smartphone and not only that you also need to make some research about the disaster to avoid while buying a used smartphone. Makers of smartphone release new models every year and thus people are crazy and ready to upgrade their phone and thus here you can get a great deal of buying a used smartphone. You need to ensure that every single feature of the phone is working properly before you buy. Don’t rush into the decision of buying and making some mistake which can be proved to be very big one. Thus here are some of the tips which can be helpful for you to buy a used smartphone without getting screwed.

  • The main point of buying a used smartphone is to get a good price and thus you need to put in some extra effort in finding the right price. You need to check out how many parties are there willing to sell their smartphones at the very moment and at what price. You will get various offers at various prices. By doing this research, you will be able to know the prices prevailing in the market of used smartphones.
  • Another thing which you should check before buying a used smartphone is to see whether it is unlocked or not. There are many sites where are people are selling smartphones which are locked and these will cost you a little less than you are expecting to pay. But make sure to not to go for buying locked smartphones.
  • Before buying a used smartphone check the actual price of the phone with similar specifications and then compare the time period for which the phone has been used and then compare the prices. If the difference is not much then you must opt for the used phone as you will lose in warranty and also if by adding a little more amount if you can get the new one then why to go for the old one.
  • Check whether all the accessories are there with the phone and that too in good condition. If accessories are missing you must check how much it is going to cost you to buy new one and whether it is in your budget or not. You can also use this as a bargaining trick to reduce the price.

Tips to buy unique iPhone cases online

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 iPhone cases, mobile accessoriesAn iPhone case is a must to assure complete protection of your expensive device. The iPhones come with a vulnerable engineering and hence you need a cover to safeguard it from any possible fall or damage. the post below presents some tips that can help in finding unique iPhone cases online.

There are different forms of iPhone cases over the internet. There are pretty and thin while the sturdy options as well. If you are an outdoor person with iPhone as your constant companion, its better you stick to the sturdy options that are specifically developed to withstand the accidental falls. You should also make sure to land up with waterproof options.

Always buy from a reputed online retailer to ensure quality and long lasting coverage. As the product arrives at your doorstep, make sure it promises strong grip and is comfortable to carry on. The retailer should have a return facility in case you are not content with the product.

Reviewing HTC 8S

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HTC 8S, mobile reviewsHTC 8S is one of the latest smart phones in the category of Windows 8 operating system. It is a mid range cell phone in the lineup of the company, HTC. This model is cheaper compared to the Nokia Lumia 820. It has a screen of 4 inch, dual core processor and is an excellent alternative to any common Android phone.

The HTC 8S is very different in style. The cute looking cell phone has two tone designs. The bottom and rim of the phone is of a brighter tone as compared to the rest of the phone. The combinations available are luminous green and black, white and black, dark blue and light blue. It makes a bold statement with this simple styling. The camera is of 5 mega pixel with flash availability. It also has expandable memory card slot availability. With the operating system of windows 8, you can download applications of your choice.

How to Recover A Cell Phone If It Gets Wet

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wet Cell Phone careCell phones have become an integral part of our lives and one of the most common problems occurring with cell phones is damage caused due to the cell phone getting wet. If you have just dropped your phone in a bucket or if your phone has gotten wet in the rain then remove the phone from the water body as soon as you can.

Don’t panic and don’t shake the phone. We mostly shake phone when wet thinking the water will come out but what you actually might be doing is sending the water into other parts of the phone. Instead, dry the surface with a towel and then take out all the parts. Remove the battery, cell phone accessories (like headphones and peripheral decoration items) and the SIM card. Then wipe each part thoroughly with a dry clean and soft rag. After doing all this, let the phone dry pout with its parts still unattached. You should never use a dryer. After its dry put back all the parts and protect the screen with some kind of hard paper and keep it in a bowl of uncooked rice for 3 to 4 hours. They have a high affinity for drawing out moisture. If it still doesn’t work, give it for a professional repair.

Reviewing the Xperia J

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Xperia J, Sony XperiaXperia J from Sony has been a new generation of mobile handset which comes with unique features and capabilities. The set runs with the power of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. It is powerful application which makes the operations smooth and easy. The connectivity of this android is powerful enough to keep the user in contact with the outside world from anywhere. The on screen virtual keyboard is entirely capable of giving total touch screen experience to the users.

The power microprocessor inside Xperia J is quite powerful too. It makes use a 1GHz memory capacity with Adreno 200 graphics suite. It has a RAM of 512 MB which is quite useful for common users. The speed of the handset is quite good and it can be protected with the help of any quality anti-virus software available in the market at the moment. Enjoying these features is very much joyous for the users.

Review of the Nokia Lumia 820

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Nokia Lumia 820, windows phoneWith the development of technology, the smart phones are ruling the mobile phone market presently. Almost all leading mobile phone manufacturing companies have come up with a wide collection of smart phones. The phones use different advanced operating system like the android or the windows. One such popular phone which has been doing in the market recently is the Nokia Lumia 820. The phone is a much advanced version weighing 5.64ounces and is 9.9mm thick. An amazing feature of the phone is the facility of wireless charging.

It is a windows operated phone. The memory can be extended up to 64GB. It has got a 4.3inch AMOLED display that supports a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. It has got an 8 mega pixels camera with Carl Zeiss Lens and dual LED flash. The picture quality is of very good. There are many other applications such as Global Positioning System, Wi-Fi, etc. It has got a single speaker which produces enough sound. In short the Nokia Lumia 820 is perfect smart phone for you.

Review of Samsung Galaxy S3

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samsung Galaxy S3, samsung The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has received a lot of good reviews. It has a very natural look. They come with the plastic casings which are known as the Marble White and the Pebble Blue. There are menu buttons which could be comparable to the Galaxy S but the there has been an increase in the size of the home button.

There are no big display scenes like the super AMOLED HD display. The interface is quite user friendly as well. It will make a dripping sound when it is opened form the locked state. A natural theme has been implemented by Samsung but you may get it customized as well. It is technologically appreciated as well. The movements of the eyes are tracked by the camera. Therefore, the screen will be able to detect when the person is looking at the screen. Another great thing about the gadget is that there are a lot of apps offered in it. The battery life is quite good as well.

Advantage of using android as an OS

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Android OS, Mobile OSIn the recent times when the world is going through such vast phases of technological improvements, various new factors are gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. One of the most important factors that have gradually become a predominant aspect of our daily life is the mobile phone. After the mobile phones have gone through various stages of evolutions, there has emerged into the scenario a much more refined version of mobile phones in the form of the Smartphone. In the recent times a Smartphone has become an essential necessity from the students of schools and colleges to the businessmen and other people of the corporate sector.

One of the most popular variant of Smartphone OS that has become more and more efficient with the release of its various versions is the android OS. The android OS has become so popular among the masses because of the advanced media rich and business features that it provides.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: the phone to have

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Look around you. You will see almost all your peers carrying the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The 5800 Xpress Music launched by Nokia in 2008 has been in the news for all the right reasons. So, if you are planning to buy the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music here are some things that you need to know.

The first thing is make sure that you get all the stuffs that you are paying for. Along with the handset you will get two styluses, a protective case, BL-5J battery, and Nokia official charger. You will also get micro USB cable, 3.5mm headphones, 3.5 mm TV Out cable, a plectrum that you can use instead on the styluses, a foldable stand and a mini DVD for the computer.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a Symbian S60 fifth edition Smartphone that is also known as the S60v5. Some features of the phone have been taken from the previous S60 version but quite a few new features have been added as well.

Must have mobile applications

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Today living without a mobile is something we can almost not imagine. It plays an important part in our lives. Networking, work, personal work-everything is within our palm today. With the help of advancement of science and technology, today, mobile applications have become so efficient that we can totally use this for fulfilling all our needs. Web applications help us in quick mailing, networking, chatting, etc. Multi- tasking with the help of web applications is so easy and efficient that everyone can handle it.

Businessmen have been benefited a lot with the help of these technologies.  Mobiles have helped in increasing the flexibility in communication and interaction. Smart phones have these applications which are user friendly too. Smart phones have thus become very popular. People in the field of business, construction, or anything, everyone have been the benefactor with the help of mobile applications.

Also the entertainment options are a lot. Music, games, etc are some of the main features which everyone looks for in a phone.