Top Apps for Office Use

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There are a plenty of apps which people uses in day to day life but this apps varies from those apps which are used in offices by employees. There are various apps which employees use at work. Before few years the employees use only those apps which their company offers them but now employees and IT departments work to choose apps. Today’s employees buy their apps themselves and load them into their own smart phones, PC and tablets and use them for their office work.

  • Box

BoxBox offers you with such a platform which allows you with file and collaboration. Companies like GE, Procter and Gamble prefer this app for tools like robust management and integration to enterprise cloud services. It allows you to use features like sharing of important documents, videos and images, reviewing your latest project and leaving feedback, having all your files at your fingertips and many more.


  • Dropbox

DropboxThe usage of dropbox is 97% of the fortune 500 to sync files across the devices. Dropbox provides audit logs and remote wipes which provides additional control capabilities for business. For business and employees dropbox is useful in a way as it allows data access free, fast and reliable. Also it can protect information inside and outside your organization if you have powerful admin controls.



  • YouTube

YoutubeFor enabling large file sizes of HD videos, companies use sites like YouTube to connect with the customers. It’s not at all a matter of wonder that YouTube accounts for bulk of data in the cloud. Lot of people watch videos on YouTube thus it’s an good platform for office users to promote their product or any similar kind f thing.


  • Microsoft office 365

Microsoft office 365Microsoft office allows to you to edit and store word, PowerPoint, excel documents in the cloud. Real-time collaboration is also possible by team members. It is very useful app used by most of the employees during their work.

  • Jive

JiveJive is really a time saving apps for employees as they improves their productivity by reducing emails and meetings. Jive enables to create blogs, groups, and discussions and gives them a social collaboration platform.



  • Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebExCisco WebEx is such a useful app for business and employees as it allows the employees to share their screen at the time of delivering a presentation online. It also enables you to conduct video conference with your meeting participants.



  • Facebook

FacebookA very famous social networking site which is also useful in business ad it is widely used by employees also. Facebook is used by the employees to promote the brand and also engage with customers. But many of the employees use it for personal use.




  • Salesforce

SalesforceConsidered to be the number 1 CRM provider, salesforce provides leading solutions for marketing automation, enterprise social network and customer support. also provides platform for building custom apps.



  • Gmail

GmailGmail is an extremely usable app for employees in sending large files to co-workers and partners. Popular enterprises such as Genentech use this popular and useful app as their corporate-wide email solutions.


How to prevent data breach

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Data thefts in big companies make headlines while those in smaller companies are not paid much importance to. However, the truth is small companies are also major targets of data breaches and therefore if you are an entrepreneur who has recently launched a new business, it is important for you to know how you can keep all your important data safe and secure.

Here are some tips

Employee and customer data should be secured. All paper files and storage devices which contain sensitive information must be stored safely in cabinets and drawers under lock and key.

Documents containing sensitive data must be shred properly before they are recycled. Before you decide to dispose off your electronic storage devices and computers you must make sure that you remove all important data from them.

All your business computers including your laptops and smartphones must be password protected. Access to your accounts and networks must also be protected with passwords. All your employees should have a unique username and password that will give them access to the networks and accounts and the passwords must be changed at least once in three months.

Controlling physical access to your business computers is very important. For this, user accounts will have to be created for every employee so that unauthorized use of the computers is prevented. Laptops are very easy targets for data thefts and therefore you should make sure that the laptops are locked whenever they are not attended to. Computer stations that are placed in public areas like the reception area should have limited network access.

Encryption of data comes in very handy when it comes to prevention of data thefts. Encryption will help to protect the security and privacy of files when they are transferred from one computer to another.

Keep your operating systems and software up to date.

Top 3 Android Application of 2013

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Android Application of 2013Android is a new open source operating system to develop mobile phones. Android OS can run on the Linux and Java mark-up languages. It is a sophisticated mobile development platform. Android application process is faster, simple and easy to install.

Information about Top 3 Android Applications

Every week, new Android application features are introduced to mobile users. This new generation open source platform gives extra speed to mobile phones. Android applications develop the workflow. You can do different sorts of jobs with your mobile phones. In this current year, Android users are getting very attractive features. You need to have a look at the latest bunch of tech specifications. For instance, Edge Quick is one of the latest Android apps. Tapping the borderline of the home screen of the handset, you will get list of items. Just scroll down the list of recent Android apps. You don’t have to change the display pages for navigation. Second Android application is DigiCal calendar. The calendar update process is very fast. You can change the date on the spot. You can replace the old calendar in a twinkling of an eye. Themer Beta is an Android application which is suitable to creators. This new application helps a person to change the theme of the sleek device. Just making a single click, you will get new themes to update the device. However, Themer Beta is still under experiment. Consumers will have to tarry for few days more.

Android supported phones are popular among busy technocrats, entrepreneurs and students as well. One can use his smart phone with Android OS for recreation. There are lots of options to do online chatting, video game playing, music downloading etc. You can draw pictures by using Android backed handsets. Android with Cloud system creates a new data management foundation for entrepreneurs. More updates are in the pipeline. So bookmark your reliable websites to have information about Android apps.

How to ensure solid data backup?

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solid data backupYour office data is surely the most significant aspects of your business and any harm here would mean huge misfortune to your establishment. But computer data is susceptible to virus attacks or accidental deletion and hence it’s necessary that you ensure solid backup support for your invaluable office data. But, how? Well, the article here is all about the avenues that can confirm good data backup.

First of all, you can store up your business database in some external hard drive or removable storage device like CD or pendrive, in addition to having your data stored in the office computer. The external support will help to save the data from accidental deletion or virus attack. If you cannot store your entire database in the external storage, at least get backup for the most significant files and folders.

Then you should arrange for a good anti-virus software program. As mentioned earlier, virus attacks are one of the most regular causes of severe data loss. Thus, it’s mandatory that you support your PC with a top class anti-virus program so that your system and the data stored in it are free from the unwanted virus invasions. Keep check on the duration of your anti-virus installation and make sure to pay for the timely renewal so that your system is never at stake.

Another most important tip here would be to opt for remote virtual storage, commonly known as cloud storage. Here you will have your entire business database stored virtually, which can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. Actually, your removable storage devices can get lost or damaged and accidental deletion on your computer is not uncommon. When you have your data stored virtually, no accidental deletion or CD damage can affect your database. The cloud companies will usually safeguard your data with military grade encryption that will ward off any hacking invasion.

Xbox application for your Iphone

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Xbox application, iPhone applicationMicrosoft entered recently in the world of secondary display to the system of Xbox 360. The My Xbox Live App was updated by the Microsoft for ditro for the iPhone. With the release of this app, Microsoft has stuck to its promise of expanding to a market of other manufacturers in the industry. As the thousands of available devices of Bluetooth, you can use the free My Xbox Live app for pairing the phone with the Xbox 360.

The process will not take more than a couple of seconds of your time. At the moment, the controls of the app are quite rudimentary but they are probably going to get complex as the app gets further developed. You will be getting a media remote as well. It may not be as good as the Xbox controller but it is good enough to fit in pockets. Therefore, the new app for your iPhone is quite an interesting one.

10 steps to create a mobile application successfully

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Tips to create a mobile application, mobile applicationYou may be tech savvy person who is always doing something or the other with your phone or computer. Naturally it must have come to your mind to create something one day. You can start with a mobile application. For that you need to know a few things. The first thing is what the application will perform for the user who is using it. Secondly you must decide a platform based on which your application will be built. This is basically the programming part. Thirdly you must get yourself chosen for that platform.

This will give you the tag of a developer. The next step is to get you signed up for that platform. The fifth thing is to get you signed as a certified developer. Next up is downloading the coder on which you will work. Number seven is to finally design your application and test it whether it is working properly or not. Then you must upload that on the platform’s website. Once it starts to take off you must check its feedback. The last point is constantly updating your application with new things.

Top 5 hair straighter you can invest in

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 hair straighterAll women love their hair. They always make sure that their hair is of silky, untangled quality. These days hair styling products and methods have become very popular. Straightened hair or poker straight hair is the new trendy thing, which almost every woman wants to adorn. Even the younger generation swears by straight hair these days. Straight hair is easy to manage, can be styled in various ways and also they have a silky and shiny finish. There are many hair straightners in the market. One of the best is the Karmin G Salon Pro, which has 100% ceramic tourmaline plates. These guarantee smooth and safe straightening. They have special curved plates too for multipurpose straightening. They come with a 3-year warranty too.

The Sedu Resolution Tourmaline and the Babilyss Pro Nano are also reputed companies as they have special ion technology installed heat protective plates. If you have tough, frizzy hair, you should g for Corioliss Pro Style or T3 Medium Duality straightners, which are especially made for dry and unmanageable hair.

How to choose a reputed design service

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If you are looking forward to designing your home and want it to be done by the best design service available then a little bit of research is definitely required. The reason being that there are many design services available that promise to provide the best designing services, but the best might not be suited for the décor of your home.

When searching for a reputed design service make sure to go through their catalogue so that you get an idea of the kind of designing solutions provided. If you are looking for a chic and clean look, very modern and today kind of design then it’s no use investing in designing services that offer traditional solutions.

Another thing to go through before you choose is the price charged for the services. Compare between several design service providers and go with the one that provides quality at a reasonable price.

Useful Application for iPhone

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There has been several Smartphone in the history of telecom industry, but none can match up to the standards and specifications of that of the iPhone. No wonder, it was a huge rage amongst millions of people throughout the globe. One of the most innovative aspects of iPhone is the App Store, which houses various free and paid applications that can transform your prized possession for the better. But selecting the right apps is also important.

Yelp! Features at the top of the list; this one is the perfect iPhone companion, providing info about anything and everything that’s close by. If you are a bookworm, and want to carry a lot of e-books with you, then the Kindle/Stanza app is recommended for you. Sometimes managing the memory of your device can be troublesome. Free Memory provides a solution to this problem. Then there’s the Lockbox, which can hide away your important information like account password and username.

GPS on phones: Never lose your way

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GPS or Global Positioning System is a Godsend for most people who are bad with directions. Nowadays, you don’t need a GPS device with you as your phone already has an in built version. GPS on phones can give you directions, save you from getting lost and sometimes can also save lives.

The GPS on your phone can tell you exactly where you are and if you tell it where you want to go, it can give you directions. It also provides the easiest means of getting there. GPS devices can also help you provide your location to the emergency services if you ever meet with an accident.

GPS can also track other phones, although it is not entirely legal to keep anyone else under surveillance without their consent. You can also track your phone with your in built GPS, if it is ever stolen or lost. So, GPS on your phone is a smart thing to have.