Top Apps for Office Use

May 08, 2015  //  Posted by: Tricha  //  Category: Applications

There are a plenty of apps which people uses in day to day life but this apps varies from those apps which are used in offices by employees. There are various apps which employees use at work. Before few years the employees use only those apps which their company offers them but now employees and IT departments work to choose apps. Today’s employees buy their apps themselves and load them into their own smart phones, PC and tablets and use them for their office work.

  • Box

BoxBox offers you with such a platform which allows you with file and collaboration. Companies like GE, Procter and Gamble prefer this app for tools like robust management and integration to enterprise cloud services. It allows you to use features like sharing of important documents, videos and images, reviewing your latest project and leaving feedback, having all your files at your fingertips and many more.


  • Dropbox

DropboxThe usage of dropbox is 97% of the fortune 500 to sync files across the devices. Dropbox provides audit logs and remote wipes which provides additional control capabilities for business. For business and employees dropbox is useful in a way as it allows data access free, fast and reliable. Also it can protect information inside and outside your organization if you have powerful admin controls.



  • YouTube

YoutubeFor enabling large file sizes of HD videos, companies use sites like YouTube to connect with the customers. It’s not at all a matter of wonder that YouTube accounts for bulk of data in the cloud. Lot of people watch videos on YouTube thus it’s an good platform for office users to promote their product or any similar kind f thing.


  • Microsoft office 365

Microsoft office 365Microsoft office allows to you to edit and store word, PowerPoint, excel documents in the cloud. Real-time collaboration is also possible by team members. It is very useful app used by most of the employees during their work.

  • Jive

JiveJive is really a time saving apps for employees as they improves their productivity by reducing emails and meetings. Jive enables to create blogs, groups, and discussions and gives them a social collaboration platform.



  • Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebExCisco WebEx is such a useful app for business and employees as it allows the employees to share their screen at the time of delivering a presentation online. It also enables you to conduct video conference with your meeting participants.



  • Facebook

FacebookA very famous social networking site which is also useful in business ad it is widely used by employees also. Facebook is used by the employees to promote the brand and also engage with customers. But many of the employees use it for personal use.




  • Salesforce

SalesforceConsidered to be the number 1 CRM provider, salesforce provides leading solutions for marketing automation, enterprise social network and customer support. also provides platform for building custom apps.



  • Gmail

GmailGmail is an extremely usable app for employees in sending large files to co-workers and partners. Popular enterprises such as Genentech use this popular and useful app as their corporate-wide email solutions.