A detailed note of cardio workout gadgets

March 28, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

cardio workout gadgetsMost people are taking up cardio exercises to keep themselves fit and away from diseases and the cardio regime has provided some wonderful results for many people thus appealing to more people to take up this exercise routine. Most people are making small home gym stations in their houses with various cardio equipments such as treadmills whether motorized or manual.

Treadmills are said to be the best cardio workout equipments as it enhances your power of resistance, speed and also helps you in maintaining your weight and even to reduce it if you want. Ten to fifteen minutes of treadmill is as good as walking for an hour and a half.

The second best cardio equipment is the stationary exercise bike which helps you exercise every part of your body. It is a very good way of shedding those extra kilos and maintaining a healthy heart with a normal cholesterol level. Rowing machines are also quite helpful if you are opting for a cardio exercise regime.

Advantages of Bluetooth mouse

March 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Wireless Tech

Bluetooth mouse, bluetoothAre you planning to purchase a Bluetooth mouse for your computer? Well, a Bluetooth mouse uses Bluetooth technology and uses gigahertz frequencies for operation and has wireless connection. Here are some of the advantages of Bluetooth mouse that you should know about. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth mouse is that it has no chords. It is totally wireless, and a Bluetooth adaptor which is inserted in the USB port of the computer allows the device and the computer to communicate. In fact, Bluetooth has a much better range of communication compared to ordinary wireless mouse.

Dependability is also one of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth mouse. A Bluetooth mouse is much more reliable because it uses frequencies that are not very crowded like the ones used by ordinary wireless devices. The Bluetooth mousse uses gigahertz frequencies and thereby provides very dependable connection. The Bluetooth mouse is extremely easy to set up and it transmits to your computer with comparatively lesser power.

Are the Bluetooth headsets safe?

March 15, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth devicesWe have all heard how Bluetooth headsets are taking the market by storm. Yes, it is amazing to go hands-free and communicate with our loved ones whenever we want without even having to press the phone to your ear. But is it safe? People believe that talking on a Bluetooth headset in a car is safe as after all you’re driving with both hands. But the problem isn’t really that how many hands you have on your steering wheel. The problem is that your mind is distracted as you’re talking to someone.

So think again when you think that the Bluetooth headset is a bane for you when you drive. Also scientists have proved that people who use Bluetooth headsets for more than 1 hour a day are exposed to harmful radiation which causes headaches and nausea. Loss of hearing has also been noted in some cases. Other serious problems which may occur are DNA damage, high blood pressure or even cancer. Instead use the anti radiation air tube headset if you must.