Solar Powered Gadgets – No More Waiting For Summers

January 25, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Gadgets

Ever imagined of a world where only solar powered gadgets are used? Imagine how environment friendly that would be! We use so many devices that need to be charged- cell phones, car, shavers, lawnmowers and even wireless keyboards. The Logitech wireless solar keyboard can get power from both indoor and outdoor light sources. The Sole Mio mouse also uses a similar technology. Several solar power toys are also very popular these days.

The Sun table might not be very attractive, but it has cells that capture light and can store for future use. The self energy converting sunglasses are designed by eco-designers. It can store energy that can later be used to charge small devices like cell phones etc. A hybrid lawnmower extends its battery light from drawing light energy. This is ideal to be used during the day time. I-Slate is a solar power tablet that can be used to write and read. This is designed for schools where there is no electricity.