Sending a photo to cell phone from a computer

July 29, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Applications, Cell Phones

Here is how to send an image from your computer to someone’s mobile phone:

1. First open the email application on your computer. Compose the message and add image to it. Ensure that the image is not too big otherwise it will not load properly. Bring it down at least to 640*480 in size.

2. Actually you may send free messages to a mobile phone via emails but the receiver has to pay a regular fee for it. All you have to do is email to the mobile phone. In case you are not aware of phone carrier for the cell number, you can use teleflip which is an open source service. For using it you need to enter the phone number in the email address like

3. The person receiving the pictures will be charged for getting them unless he/she has an unlimited service plan.