Fixing the color distortion of RCA projection TV

June 26, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: TV / HDTV

The colors produced by RCA projection TV sets sometimes distort. Here is the procedure to fix the problem:
1. Check the cable connection and whether the cables are fully inserted in TV. Colors may appear distorted because the video signal is not reaching the TV fully.
2. Now follow the steps: Menu from remote control -> Hue. This will adjust the red and green levels of TV. Set the directional arrow button to right for increasing video signal to yellow and green or to left for orange and red color. This will correct any offsets issues with color spectrum.
3. Choose option “Color Temperature”. Set it to “Warm” in case the image is bluish and set “Cool” if there isn’t any blue color in the image.
4. Try different ports of the RCA projection TV. There may be issues with video connection and not the TV picture.