How to display POI on a new Nuvi

April 18, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

The Nuvi is one of the cheapest and most efficient GPS gadgets available in market. For experiencing the full Nuvi power, you need to learn to download and display POI (Points of Interest). Here is how:

1. Download the POI Loader software from the Garmin site. Click POI Sources on right and download the customized POI. Plug the Nuvi in your pc and open POI Loader. Enter PIN and choose the device (“Garmin”) from the dropdown. Select “Install new custom POI’s” radio button.

2. Now Start -> My Computer -> Garmin folder -> click the folder POI. Unzip this folder that is downloaded previously and copy its files directly in the POI folder. Now go back to the POI Loader, choose the POI folder on the gadget and click “Next”.

3. Unplug your Nuvi. In order to view the POI’s, touch “Where To””Custom POI’s” and “My Locations”.