Jailbreaking the iPod Touch safely

March 20, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Music Gadgets

You need to jailbreak the iPod for installing custom applications, ringtones etc. You need to remove the firmware restrictions by Apple. It is completely safe to do this if done properly. Previously it required opening up the actual iPod which voided its warranty.


1. Ensure that the iPod is running .3 or .4 firmware. This is visible when iPod is connected in iTunes. At first go to: http://download.ziphone.org/ and download Mac or Windows version of jail breaking software. Install it and extract the files to a folder on your pc. Go to this folder and open the exe file.

2. Ensure that iPod is connected via USB cord and hit “Jailbreak” button on left.

3. Keep the iPod connected and allow the jailbreaking software to do its stuff for a few minutes until done.
That’s that. It is done. Unplug the iPod and enjoy your new found freedom.