Updating TomTom 6 using Newest Maps

February 17, 2010  //  Posted by: nureview  //  Category: Navigation / GPS

TomTom has been a help for people in finding places they wish to go to. It provides access to lot of maps but they need to be updated regularly. Here is how to:

1. Go to TomTom update site -> click “Buy a Single Map”. Choose the TomTom model -> OK for downloading the map.

2. Connect the TomTom to your pc using the USB cables. Access the TomTom Home software on the computer. It opens automatically on plugging in your TomTom. If it doesn’t, use My Computer folder to open it while TomTom is connected.

3. Follow instructions during auto updation -> click OK. When new maps are downloaded, click “Add Maps” on the program to download the maps you bought.

4. Ensure that the latest version of the maps is installed. Touch the satellite bars on TomTom screen for accessing the map file. The last number on the file needs to be greater than the previous.